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SAMLING is a Serverless (as-in client side only) SAML IdP for the purpose of testing SAML integrations.

It provides complete control over the SAML response properties that will be sent back to the Service Provider, including simulating errors and the session cookie duration that tracks the logged-in user.

If there is a SAMLRequest query parameter present, SAMLING will auto populate some of the SAML Response Properties.

Generating a SAML Response requires the use of a private key and certificate for signing the SAML Assertion. SAMLING enables to generate a random private/public key and to save them in the local storage so they are used in subsequent SAML responses.

How to Use

  1. Go to the SAML Response Properties section.
  2. Fill in the required properties fields. Required fields are marked with an asterisks (*).
  3. Click on Create Response. You will be be taken the SAML Response section.
  4. Review the SAML Response then click on Post Response.